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I can’t find my child’s name. What should I do?

First, try searching the entire list.

The name you are looking for may be under a different spelling. There are many different ways to spell Kaitlin, for example.  What’s most important is that the sound clip sounds like your child’s name. You can modify the spelling that will be printed on the label before you finalize your order.

I found the correct spelling, but the pronunciation is wrong. Now what?

Listen to the sound clips for the other spellings. Remember, you can always change the spelling. One example is the pronunciation, “mad-uh-LYNN”. It’s in our database as “Madelyn”, but you may spell that pronunciation “Madeleine”.

Why can’t you make a custom album for my child’s unique name?

Each of the names we have available were recorded live in the studio with the actual voice actors for each character. It takes a massive amount of time to record each new product.

We do try and add new names with each new album, but it’s just not possible to have every name imaginable recorded with every actor. Have you thought about using one of our nicknames or a middle name?

When will you add new albums?

We are continually working to expand our product line. We have a history of adding at least one new album each year. Feel free to visit the site often to see what’s new!

How soon will my order arrive?

Digital products will be produced and available for download within 24 business hours from date of order.  An email will be sent with instructions on how to download content.

I don’t have a CD player…what do I do?

    There is no mistaking the intrinsic value of a physical gift to a child!  CDs can be played in a lot of different devices…CD players, DVD players, Blu-Ray players and in CD-ROM or optical drives in or attached to computers. If you don’t have access to any of these devices…we have a solution! Simply order one of our DIGITAL only products and receive your purchase via download in MP3 format…playable almost anywhere and on anything!

How can I become a SongsWithMyName reseller?

Click the link on the top of the page that says “Sell Our Products” to get more information and to get in contact with us.

I just put my CD into iTunes and noticed that the Artist and Album names are different than my child’s name, but when it plays, it’s playing the right name. What’s happening?

      Ah yes, that question. This is actually caused in part by a service called


    Essentially, Gracenote “automagically” fills in the track listings for your CDs so you don’t have to do it yourself. However, when Gracenote doesn’t have the data already in their system, it can then be obtained by what the user fills in to their music library. Well, you can imagine with over 1,800 names there are a lot of opportunities for Gracenote to gather information from various customers of ours. Unfortunately, Gracenote can’t tell the small differences in each of our personalized CDs, so it can’t properly give the right track listing for each CD.

The Solution

    It’s simple really, after having imported your tracks into iTunes (or Windows Media Player), select all the tracks of your CD, and go to File > Get Info (Command + I for Mac, Ctrl + I for PC) and simply fill in your child’s name into all the appropriate fields and hit OK. There you go! Problem Solved!

I double checked, I can’t find my child’s name under any different spelling. What should I do?

If you’re still unable to find your child’s name, you can submit a “request for consideration” for our next CD project by using our contact form here.

Please be sure to indicate the most common spelling and the phonetic pronunciation of the name. Your suggestion will be added to our suggested name list for the next recording. Please note, although we’d like to include everyone’s names, we’ll be selecting from the most popular names on the list at the time of recording.